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Medical CPD training intended for GPs working in health centers.

This training takes place in a current context of reflection on care circuits and skills transfers made necessary by the reduction in the number of specialists in dermatology.
The training is interactive, so as to take into account the diversity of dermatology knowledge of general practitioners and the diversity of their practices.
It is based on traditional tools, but also on the principle of “iconographic impregnation” by viewing numerous clinical photos (didactic tool currently being evaluated by a general medicine thesis).

1) Objectives in oncology
-Detect areas at high risk of skin cancer requiring specialized care;
-Advise patients on prevention  
-Recognize frequent benign and malignant lesions
-Know the latest developments in the treatment of metastatic cancers (melanomas and others)
2) Objectives in general dermatology
-Familiarization with therapeutic advances and their theoretical and practical consequences
-Familiarization with various clinical aspects recognizable “at a glance”  
-Coordinated management of chronic dermatoses by the general practitioner and the dermatologist -Current
clinical and ethical questions

Speaker: Dr Antoine PETIT, hospital practitioner, Dermatology Department, Saint-Louis Hospital, APHP (Paris 10).

ANDPC Action reference: 23682000002, session 1.

Program :

The training includes the face-to-face day of Tuesday September 29, 2020 (9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and a final evaluation.

Number of places :20 per sessionRate :DPC support
Duration :1 day ; 7 hoursDates and location(s):Session 1: From 09/29/2020 to 09/29/2020
Location to be defined

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